In the beginning of 2016 the flame of Vipassana Bahia shone stronger ,when a group of old stundents, who meditated weekly, received a donation of a land. For that reason, in May of that year was founded The Vipassana Bahia Association, who straight away organized a 3 days course in the South of Bahia with the intent of strengthening the Sangha. Its wasnt long untill the 10 days course would be organized, in the city of Ilheus, ofering Dhamma to 100 students.

In the following year, 2017, two other 10 days courses followed, both totally full up and with a long waiting list. At each course offered, the association would expand by adding up new members with the willing to participate of this chain of bliss.

However, the first donated land turned out not to be apropriate for the implantation of a meditation centre. Therefore, on the 21th of May 2017, a new and beautiful land in the heart of the Atlantic forest, located in the the County of Itacaré and Taboquinhas, was acquired by The Vipassana Bahia Association thanks to generous loans from old students, in order to create the first Vipassana Meditation Centre in the North East of Brazil.

The land of 26,3 hectares is situated in a ecologic hall, surrounded by Private Reserves of Natural Heritage (RPPN), in the Serra of Conduru States Park. A refuge into the woods to anchor Dhamma and to allow its diffusion through out Bahia and Brazil.

The association is openned to all old students who have the volition to participate. There are no entering fees or monthly contribution. To become a member of Vipassana Bahia Association you simply need to send a request to the following email:

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