Every month a service team volunteer in order to prepare the area for 1 and 3-day
courses at the Rosa dos Ventos School, which is within 1 kilometer away from
the area where the center will be built in Itacaré. At this place, generously
provided by an old student, is located the provisional seat of the Vipassana
Association of Bahia where also weekly meditations are held on Sundays, 9 am.

If you would like to vonlunteer or get more information about this service, please
contact Rodrigo, the host, at (73) 9.9976.7595 or Luíza at (73) 9.9990.8080.


“By receiving the wonderful teaching of Dhamma there is born a deep sense of gratitude and of course the desire to help others to free themselves from their suffering. The service in courses is an opportunity to express this gratitude by helping others in their learning of the Dhamma, without expecting anything in return. When we serve others altruistically, we also serve ourselves by developing the ten paramis and dissolving the habit of selfishness” – S.N. Goenka