All activities offered and conducted by Vipassana in Bahia are carried out by old students who have chosen to donate their time and skills so that Vipassana can develop in our State. There is a lot of work and preparation, which are organized by the committee, and here in Bahia they are being structured in order to work together with the Administration Board.

Some Committees are already active, such as Finance and Communication, others have not yet started their activities, such as the Enrollment Committee.

Anyone who has completed a 10 day course can become a member of a Committee and participate in some of these activities, either where the courses take place or at distance.

Bellow, a description of the Committees which we wish to structure in order to develp Vipassana in Bahia:

Out of course

Children´s Course Committee: Preparation for the realization of Anapana Meditation Courses for Children and, Teenagers.

Communication Committee: Production of texts and materials to publish activities of Vipassana Bahia, communication of the association old students. Manage campaign of land´s purchase and construction of the center of Vipassana Bahia.

Finance Committee: Management of the financial resources of the Vipassana Bahia Association. Provide technology to carry out financial activities (card machine, internet, etc.)

1-Day Course Committee Outside the Center: Preparation for one-day courses outside the Center. New locations are always welcome and suggestions can be sent to the Committee’s coordinator for review.

Organization Committee: Preparation for 3-day and 10-day courses at adapted locations in Bahia. On-site support before, during and / or after courses, preparing the facilities to receive students, providing maintenance throughout the course, and reorganizing, once again, for the return of place. Inventory of Association belongings (utensils, cushions) and checking each course. Provide technology for committee actions (telephone, internet). It is possible to adapt the service according to you availability.

Registration Committee: Support for the enrollment tasks in the courses (only for old students who are maintaining the 5 precepts, with knowledge of English and regular and stable internet access, willing to provide service for at least 6 months, availability to undertake training course).

Service Committee, Planning and Construction of the Center: Temporary headquarters structuring services at Rosa dos Ventos School and temporary places on the land. Project for the Land Planning and Construction of the Dhamma Bhassara Center.

Inside courses

Committee of the day 0: Organize the assembly of where the course takes place, post warnings and boards, segregation of genders and etc.

Metta Day Committee: Organize information, books and student returns of belongings, as well as to receive donations. Organization and cleaning of the area.

Purchasing and Cooking Committee: Organize information, books and student returns of belongings, as well as to receive donations. Organization and cleaning of the area. Provide menus, purchases and logistics of supplies, organization of the kitchen, food and equipment during the courses.

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