“In 2019, Associação Vipassana da Bahia began the topographic study on part of the land acquired for the Dhamma Bhassara Vipassana Meditation Center construction.”

In March of this year, at a meeting of the Construction and Planning Committee, it was defined by concentrating the structure of the Center on the highest part of the land that is flatter and decamped, containing only a few rubber trees, as this fact would make the execution more feasible.

The next step will be to conduct a more detailed planialtimetric survey of this area and thus continue with the progress of the constitution of the Architectural Project of the Dhamma Bhassara Center, a fundamental step towards the realization of our dream.

For this study, it will be necessary to hire topography service using the Total Station equipment, in addition to the area’s sting opening service to be detailed. The average of the five budgets we made for the topographic service was R$ 3,000.00. But as there will also be other costs linked, plus maintenance costs of Rosa dos Ventos, we stipulate the amount of R$ 4,000.00 as sufficient for the current shares.

Therefore, we have launched this Campaign so that we can take this primordial step.

Campaign goal: R$ 4,000.00
Desired time to reach the goal: up to 10/10

Donation details:

55 73 9 8880 1087

‘Of the ten paramis, dana is one of the greatest, and dhammadana is the highest form of that dana. The Buddha said, Sabbadanam dhammadanam jinati —The greatest dana is the Dhamma dana.’

S.N. Goenka

Be part of this shining movement of the Dhamma in Bahia.

Much metta,
Vipassana Bahia Association

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