The works at the Meditation Hall of the Espaço Rosa dos Ventos – Vipassana Bahia’s temporary meditation centre in Itacaré – began on February 27, 2019. Fellow meditators have successfully worked together on several occasions since then. Our work has been recorded and can be seen on the videos available on our website:

On our website we also provide updates and the details for participating in our current campaign.

This is a key moment for Vipassana Bahia Association. Once the renovation at Rosa dos Ventos is completed, we will no longer have rental costs with our courses. More Dana will then be saved toward the construction of the Dhamma Bhassara Centre, which will be located in a piece of land that is 1 kilometer away from Rosa dos Ventos.

Until December 2019 six 10-day courses, as well as several other shorter courses for children, teenagers and adults were offered in rented venues in Ilhéus and Conceição de Jacuípe.

For 2020 two 10-day courses have already been scheduled at Rosa dos Ventos: 

February 15 to 26 – Course for Men

April 1st to 12 – Course for Women

We are deeply grateful to the fellow meditators who have volunteered to service Dhamma in this endeavor.

May all beings be happy!

Vipassana Bahia Association

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