Finished 2nd goal – Determination

Dear meditators,

We inform you that the second goal (Determination) of the fundraising campaign for the land where the future Vipassana meditation center of Bahia will be built was completed on 04/30/18.
The total amount collected was R $ 7.021,50, equivalent to 23% of the goal. This amount will be used to pay the remaining quotas of the land.
Once again thanks to those who donated. This time we managed to raise a higher value than on the first goal. We are happy because, gradually, the Dhamma is anchoring more and more in our state, through the 1 and 3-day courses, pull together, visits made in the land …
The third stage of the campaign – Firmness – began on 05/01/18 and runs until August. It is called Firmness, because we know that it is still very necessary to walk (and seat) firm to implant this Center, the Shining of the Dhamma, here in Bahia, Brazil.
Vipassana Bahia Communication Committee


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