Financial Balance Sheet – JANUARY 2018

Dear meditators,

All the revenues of the Vipassana Bahia Association come from the generous donation of old students, who had already completed a ten (10) day Vipassana meditation course with S.N. GOENKA or one of his assistant teachers, and for this reason we publish periodically the financial balance sheet, to give wide access to the current economic situation of the Association.

The balance sheet for January 2018 is as follows:
Balance at December 31, 2017: R $ 14,670.03

Revenues: R $ 2,688.49
Dana: $ 2,613.00
Unidentified Dana: $ 75.00

Loans donated: R $ 4,000.00

Expenses: R $ 2,180.00

Bank expenses: R $ 180,00
Loan returned: R $ 2,000.00

Balance at January 31, 2018: R $ 15,177.48


Discharge of the land until May 2019.
Payment of the loans in up to 1 year.

With Metta,

Financial Committee.



We are on the 2nd goal – Determination

Dear meditators, we entered the second phase of the Crowdfunding Campaign for the land where Dhamma Bhassara will be built. At this stage – Determination – we seeks to raise 30 thousand reais to continue paying the commitment already signed. May the firm determination allow us to water the seed of the valuable Dhamma planted in Bahia so that it may root these lands. Metta!

Donations can now also be received via:

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