Completed 1st goal – Prosperity


Dear meditators,
We inform that the first goal (Prosperity) of the fundraising campaign for the future Vipassana meditation center was finished in 12/31/18.

The total amount collected was R $ 8,171.11, equivalent to 20.2% of the goal. This amount will be used for the payment of loans made to enter the purchase of the land.

We would like to thank immensely those who collaborated and those who are watering this wonderful seed that has been planted, of the Dhamma Bhassara.

The second goal of the campaign – Determination – began on 01.01.18 and runs until April. Now, we hope to remain firm in the purpose of anchoring the Dhamma in Bahia and reaching the goal of 30.000 reais.
Vipassana Bahia Communication Committee