Financial Balance Sheet – November 2017

Dear meditators,

All the revenues of the Vipassana Bahia Association come from the generous donation of old students, who had already completed a ten (10) day Vipassana meditation course with S.N. GOENKA or one of his assistant teachers, and for this reason we publish periodically the financial balance sheet, to give wide access to the current economic situation of the Association.

Below is the balance sheet for NOVEMBER 2017:
Balance on October 31 2017:

R$ 10,378.63

Recipes: R $ 500,00

Dana: R $ 500.00
Unidentified Dana: R $ 157,91

Expenses: R $ 145.80

Bank expenses: R $ 145.80

Balance as of November 30, 2017: R $ 10,890.74

Discharge of land within 2 years (Sep / 2019)
Payment of loans within 1 year (Oct / 2018)


Financial Committee.


Pull Together and 1 day course

Last saturday (12/02/18) it took place the third pull together group of services of  Vipassana Bahia Association. This time, the old students engaged in the harmonization of the external and internal parts of Rosa dos Ventos School, in Itacaré, where a 1-day course was held on sunday (12/03).

In this place, generously offered by an old student, the temporary headquarter of the Association is functioning. It is located less than 1km from the land where the third Vipassana Center of Brazil, Dhamma Bhassara, will be built.

Our intention is to carry out a pull together, followed by a 1-day course every month, in order to strengthen the Sangha of Dhamma in Bahia and develop the construction of the Center.
Vipassana Bahia Association